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Our Theater

Sarasota Opera owns and performs in the historic Sarasota Opera House. The building has recently undergone a $20-million rehabilitation to restore the beauty of the 1920's theater, while creating an up-to-date opera house for the 21st century.

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The Apprentice Artists Program is a season-long intensive training program for aspiring young opera singers, with an emphasis on performance. The company firmly believes that singing is a form of emotional communication and not just a technical function undertaken for the sake of itself.

The company attempts to teach this philosophy to the apprentice participants by giving them numerous and varied performance opportunities that are backed by rehearsals that stress content of language, refinement of interpretation, musicality, polishing of ensemble and by providing extended contact with seasoned professionals who share this view of singing.

For the 2017 Winter Opera Festival, Sarasota Opera's Apprentice Artists Program consists of 25 professional singers who are graduates of university music schools and conservatories. Some have completed their doctoral studies, choosing this path towards breaking into the highly competitive world of professional opera.

During their stay in Sarasota, the apprentice artists work with the music staff and stage directors in one-on-one coaching: musical, dramatic and language. The language program uses volunteers who are native-born speakers of the language concerned, an invaluable benefit derived from Sarasota's international community.

Master classes with the resident staff, guest conductors and guest directors provide essential guidance and training. The apprentices perform in all the main stage productions and at numerous outreach events in Bradenton and Sarasota.

If you have any questions about the Program, please contact Greg Trupiano, Director of Artistic Administration at

Winter 2017 Apprentice Artists

Brett Bode, bass
Plano, Texas
Sarasota Opera debut 

Anna Bridgman, soprano
Kansas City, Missouri
Sarasota Opera debut
Sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Mark Appel 

Molly Burke, mezzo-soprano
Atlanta, Georgia
2016 Winter Apprentice Artist
Sponsored by Beverly Fisher 

Tom Carle, tenor
Morristown, New Jersey
Sarasota Opera debut
Sponsored by A. Scott Bushey                                       

Annie Chester, mezzo-soprano
Cleveland, Ohio
Sarasota Opera debut
Sponsored by Hank Foster 

Matthew Ciuffitelli, baritone
Sussex, New Jersey
Sarasota Opera debut
Sponsored by Mr. & Mrs. William Lloyd 

Richard Coleman, baritone
Dallas, Texas
Sarasota Opera debut
Sponsored by Florence White 

Caitlin Crabill, soprano
Kettering, Ohio
Sarasota Opera debut 

Jennifer Dryer, soprano
Austin, Texas
2016 Winter Apprentice Artist
The Joey Frye Endowed Artist  

Natasha Lynn Foley, soprano
Anoka, Minnesota
Sarasota Opera debut 

Beibei Guan, soprano
Zhejiang, China
Sarasota Opera debut
Joel D. and Ellen S. Fedder Endowed Artist   

Wes Hunter, tenor
Ocala, Florida
Sarasota Opera debut
Sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Robert Arthur 

Christopher Longo, tenor
Tampa, Florida
Sarasota Opera debut 

Emily Michiko Jensen, soprano
San Diego, California
Sarasota Opera debut 

Jessica Mirshak, mezzo-soprano
Houston, Texas
Sarasota Opera debut 

Rachelle Moss, contralto
Lansing, Kansas
2016 Fall Apprentice Artist
Sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Robert Arthur 

Peter Morgan, bass-baritone
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Sarasota Opera debut
Sponsored by Fredrick Taubitz and Dennis Mtn. Griffin

Talin Nalbandian, mezzo-soprano
Santa Monica, California
Sarasota Opera debut
Sponsored by Eleanor Wilson Williams 

Andrew Richardson, bass-baritone
Cincinnati, Ohio
Sarasota Opera debut
Sponsored by Paul and Sharon Steinwachs 

Jake Skipworth, baritone
Detroit, Michigan
Sarasota Opera debut
Sponsored by Margaret Renner 

Mark Tempesta, tenor
Cambridge, MA
Sarasota Opera debut
Sponsored by Joan Matthews 

Nicole Woodward, mezzo-soprano
Buffalo, New York
Sarasota Opera debut 

Tobias Wright, tenor
Arkansas City, Kansas
2016 Winter Apprentice Artist
2015 Fall Apprentice Artist
The Lynn and Steve Blackledge Endowed Artist 

Junbo Zhou, baritone
Jinan, China
Sarasota Opera debut 

Andrew Zimmermann, tenor
Santa Monica, California
Sarasota Opera debut
Sponsored by Sally H. Foote and Forrest S. Crawford