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Sarasota Opera owns and performs in the historic Sarasota Opera House. The building has recently undergone a $20-million rehabilitation to restore the beauty of the 1920's theater, while creating an up-to-date opera house for the 21st century.

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In addition to being "one of the finest operatic venues in the United States," the Sarasota Opera House is a resource for many of Sarasota's finest arts and cultural organizations. The Sarasota Orchestra, La Musica Chamber Music Festival, and the Sarasota Ballet all make use of its facilities outside of the opera season. In addition, it is a community resource that has been used for benefits and private events.

In addition to serving the Sarasota community, Sarasota Opera has shared its resources with opera companies throughout the United States. The high quality of the company's productions has been recognized in national and international press and now the sets and costumes built for Sarasota Opera are available for rental.

Whether you are interesting in using Sarasota's favorite and most historic venue, or are an opera company looking for a realistic and effective production, visit the appropriate link (above or below) to explore what Sarasota Opera has to offer.

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