The Pavilion Project
Replacing the Integral HVAC System

As 2022 begins to fade and we prepare to start a new year, we wanted to be in touch with you about an urgent need at Sarasota Opera that could benefit from your year-end giving. Sarasota Opera’s complex on Pineapple Avenue includes the Deane Carroll Allyn Pavilion, which we purchased in 1995. This building houses rehearsal studios, the Box Office, our Education Programs, and Production Offices. It also includes the Jonas Kamlet Library, with our archives, historic materials including a recently acquired Enrico Caruso collection, and resource materials for artists.

Over the last 27 years we have made improvements to this facility, but one persistent problem has been the two 50-ton HVAC units that services the building, as well as parts of the Artists Wing.

Last summer we were told that the unit (which dates from the 1980s) is so old, it is now irreparable and will need to be replaced. It is next to impossible to get parts for this unit and there has not been training on this obsolete unit for over 20 years. The only other unit of its kind in Florida is at Tampa International Airport.

It will cost approximately $700,000 to install the new 110-ton unit, and doing so will provide our facilities with

  • An updated and reliable cooling system that will support the 90-ton unit that cools the Opera House and Artist Wing, thereby extending the life of that unit
  • Cooling zones for more efficient and cost-friendly climate and humidity control
  • Cost savings on maintenance and energy bills

The urgency of replacing this outdated equipment is real and in doing so we will:

  • Protect the health and well-being of the artists, staff, volunteers, and Youth Opera members who work and rehearse in the building.
  • Preserve the equipment, books, and other materials in the buildings, some of which are artifacts of historical importance.

We hope to fund 90% of this project with support from local and national foundations, as well as other grantors. To complete the funding, however, we will need support from individuals in our community, like you.

Would please consider a gift to help us replace this important resource? Gifts of $100, $500, or $1,000 will go a long way to help in funding this need, but gifts of any amount will help us reach our goal and allow us to replace this system this coming summer.

We can receive your gift through:

  • Check or credit card online by clicking here (or sending in the donation form you might have received in the mail)
  • Gifts of stock
  • Making a qualified charitable distribution from your IRA
  • Or by calling Director of Development Scott Guinn at (941) 366-8450, ext. 416

Gifts are 100% tax deductible will be recognized in the Fall 2023 Program Book. Your support will make it possible for us to comfortably host the Youth Opera Summer Camp, protect our archives, and provide a healthy and comfortable environment for our staff and artists to do their work.

Thank you for all you do to support Sarasota Opera, including projects like this one. We cannot do the work we do and at the level we do it without this wonderful and generous community.