The Sarasota Opera Costume Studio
partnering with The Patterson Foundation and
Margin & Mission Ignition


In 2019 Sarasota Opera purchased the opera costume inventory of Malabar Ltd. to preserve this historic collection, control or costume costs for the future, and to generate additional income through costume rentals to support Sarasota Opera's mission. However, the shutdown of the opera and theater industry due to the COVID-19 pandemic severely impacted our ability to rent costumes. Now that opera companies and theaters are operating again, this activity is beginning to grow.

Sarasota Opera was recently selected as one of four nonprofits to participate in Margin & Mission Ignition, The Patterson Foundation's initiative that helps organizations become stronger and thrive through income and social enterprise.

Through this partnership, we have been fortunate to work with expert consultants to revisit our business plan for the costume rental business, which will help us expand our revenue and enable us to increase our mission to produce impassioned opera performances and create a life-long love of opera in our community.

We are now poised to implement this revised business plan and take our organization to new heights. In order for us to fully realize this vision, we need your enthusiastic participation and support!


To review the business plan for the Costume Studio, please click here.


If you have questions about the business plan, would like to sign up for an upcoming Fast Pitch session to hear our plans and tour the costume warehouse, or to give a gift in support of this project, please contact Director of Development Scott Guinn at (941) 366-8450, ext. 416 or email [email protected].

To learn more about the acquisition of the costume studio, its progress, and for a peek inside the warehouse, click here.