Sarasota Opera produces outstanding opera true to the vision of the composer to entertain, enrich, and educate our communities, as well as patrons from across the state and around the world.


The Sarasota Opera is an internationally respected producer of the highest quality professional opera. It fosters artistic excellence, diversity, and vitality in the Sarasota area by:

  • Producing opera as a living art form through performances and composition
  • Offering a stage for America-trained principal artists
  • Producing high-caliber Apprentice and Studio Artists programs
  • Owning, maintaining, and operating the Opera House as a year-round facility
  • Promoting and increasing public knowledge and appreciation of opera

In addition to striving for artistic excellence, Sarasota Opera directs itself toward becoming accessible to all segments of the greater community. Coordinated artistic, educational, informational, and social outreach programs will accomplish this accessibility.