Group Sales

Sarasota Opera attracts visitors and groups from the four corners of the world. Last season, patrons came from 49 of the 50 U.S. states, as well as from 12 foreign countries.

The warmth of Florida's sun and the high quality and innovative programming bring opera-lovers from all over to Sarasota each winter.

Group Discounts

Whether your group is made of opera lovers who want to experience all four of Sarasota Opera's internationally acclaimed productions during an Opera Lovers Weekend, or just attend a single performance, our group sales representative offers a personalized level of service.

There are 2 options available for groups of 10 or more; The Flexible Group option and the Traditional Group option.

  • Flexible Group members pay individually for their tickets and choose their own seat using a customized offer code. There are no discounts available and members can purchase online.
  • Traditional Group members are represented by a group leader who reserves a block of tickets through the Group Sales Coordinator. The members will sit together, and discounts may be available.
For more information please contact Travis Rogers at [email protected]


Would your group be interested in having a reception before your performance? We offer several different choices to accommodate your group’s needs. Price per person varies. Receptions on select dates, per availability.