Volunteer Job Description


Volunteer Drivers may provide transportation for company members in the following ways: 

  • Transportation to and from airports.
  • Transportation to doctor appointments.
  • Transportation to outreach performances. 
  • Other Transportation as needed.

Airport Arrivals

By the Company Manager in an email, you will be given the name and cell of the artist, the airport, airline and flight number, and arrival time. You will be asked to stop at a grocery on the way to the artist's housing. You will be given the address of the artist's housing. The artist will have your name and cell phone.

In Tampa, we recommend you wait in the cell phone lot until the artist has his/her luggage, calls you and steps outside baggage claim.

In Sarasota, you may wait curbside until the artist has any luggage.

A staff member will be on site to greet the artist at his/her housing with the key unless the Company Manager has made other arrangements with the artist.

Airport Departures

By the Company Manager in an email, you will be given the name and cell of the artist, the address, the airport, airline, and flight number and departure time. Usually, we request that drivers pick up the artist 2 hours and 15 minutes in advance of Tampa departure times and 1 hour and 15 minutes in advance of Sarasota departure times. Some artists travel with many pieces of luggage, so we advise arriving at the pickup location 10 minutes early so you can leave on time. 

A staff member will be on site to check the artist out of housing and is available to answer any questions. 

Other Transportation

You will be given information by the Company Manager with the details of the appointment or performance, parking, waiting, or seeing the performance.

Contact information for the Company Manager is given to each driver and she is available to answer questions or address concerns at any time. 

If you are interested in volunteering as a driver, complete and submit the volunteer application to the Sarasota Opera Administrative office or email it to Jo Ann Whitehead.