Production Name:

Production Information: 
Costume Designer: Howard Tsvi Kaplan
Period: Late Roman Empire, 5th Century A.D.

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Year Built: 2006
Built By: Sarasota Opera and Malabar

Principal Women:
Odabella 2

Principal Men: 
Attila 4
Uldino 1
Ezio 1
Foresto 2
Leone 1

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Chorus Women:
Refugee Women 16
Warrior Women of Aquileia 16
Virgins 12
Hun Priestesses 16

Chorus Men: 
Hun Captains and Generals 5
Othrogoths, Herulians and Huns 15
Hermits 9
Refugee Men 11
Roman Soldiers 12
Druids 9

Hun Slaves 4
Roman Soldiers 2
Elders 6

Virgins 6

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Production History:
Sarasota Opera

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