Detail Tech Specs

Loading Dock

The Opera House’s loading dock is a ground level dock with a single roll up door measuring 7’ 9” (93”) wide by 9’-5” (113”) tall. There is room to park and unload one semi at one time. SOA has several carts and a ramp to help with the unloading process. If a fork lift is need for unloading, a rental would need to be arranged in advance and at your cost and should be coordinated through SOA Technical Director.

Stage and Fly Systems Specs

Stage Dimensions
Proscenium opening= 36’-2” x 22’
Plaster line to back wall= 29’-8”
Plaster line to DS edge of pit= 19’8”
Plaster line to US edge of pit= 5’-7”

Fly System- The house fly system is a single purchase counter weight system.
Batten length= 52’
Typical Arbor capacity= 1,400 lbs.
“Drop Only” Arbor capacity= 400 lbs.
One set of hard legs permanently rigged on line set #4
Four sets of soft legs spot rigged and are not able to be moved

Soft Goods Inventory
Blue Main Curtain (does not travel but can be paged open at center)
5 Set of black legs- 10’x24’
2 Black borders- 54’x8’
2 Black borders- 54’x15’
1 Full stage black- 54’x24’
1 Split black with fullness- 48’x24’
1 Black scrim
1 Bounce

Line Set Schedule

2023 Rental Lineset Schedule


Standard Light board position backstage with no direct line of sight. The light board can be moved to and operated from box #9 but needs to be coordinated with SOA Technical Director and box office.


Equipment Inventory

23 ETC - S4 19°
150 ETC - S4 19°  Spare Lense Tubes
103 ETC - S4 26°
143 ETC - S4 36°
38 ETC - S4 36° Spare Lense Tubes
39 ETC - S4 50°
36 ETC - S4 50° Spare Lense Tubes
35 ETC - S4 par W
22 ETC - S4 par M
1 ETC - S4 PAR M - 750 w
34 Par 64 W - 1000 w
5 Mac 700 PROFILE
5 Mac 700 WASH
3 MINI 10's
3 T-3 9 CELL - 500 w
10 T-3 3 CELL - 500 w
3 T-3 1 CELL - 500 w
4 T-3 9 CELL - 750 w
6 T-3 3 CELL - 750 w


Rental Magic Sheet

2016 Rental Plot Magic Sheet


Standard sound console position is backstage. The sound console can be moved to and operated from box #8 but needs to be coordinated with SOA Technical Director and box office.

Audio Equipment Inventory
Behringer X32 (located at backstage sound position, can’t be moved)
Behringer X32 Compact (available for front of house mix position)

x4- JBL MRX512M (Speakon imput)
x2- Klipsch 10” Full Range (1/4” input)
x2- 4” TOA Frount Fill (1/4” input)
Klipsch 12” Sub (1/4” input)

x4- QSC RMX1850HD

AT Pro49QL Gooseneck
x4- Shure Beta 58s
Fender P51 Dynamic w/ switch
x2- AT Pro3L Dynamic w/switch
x5- AT 3031s
x2- Shure SM 81s
AT 835A Shotgun
x2- AT 8538/831 Lavs and packs
x2Shure Wireless Beta 87As
x3- Crown PCC 130SW Stage Mics
x2- Crown CM700 Condensers
x2- AT 8533s and boom
x3- Round base stands
x10- Tripod mic stands
24x4 50 XLR snake
x30 XLR cables of various lengths 3’- 100’

Orchestra Equipment/ Piano
x142- Wenger music stands
x118- Wenger music chairs
x20- Wenger cello chairs
x7- Roc N Son/ Lunar series percussion stools
x67- Lights for music stands
x8- Wenger acoustical shell
6’7” Yamaha grand piano