Steinwachs Artist Residences
Basic Information

Steinwachs Artists Residences are part of a commercial complex located in the Rosemary District of downtown Sarasota. We are pleased to house artists in these fully-furnished and comfortably appointed apartments.


Steinwachs Artist Residences offers 30 apartments in which Sarasota Opera will house Principal Artists, Directors, Designers, Studio Artists, Apprentice Artists, members of the Sarasota Opera Technical Staff and special guests of the Opera. Located in the Rosemary District in Sarasota, FL, the apartments are part of the Rosemary Square development that includes offices, studios, restaurants and retail shops.


Furnishings Include:

  • Queen-size beds
  • Sheets, a cotton blanket, pillows, towels for each occupant;
  • A complete kitchen including full-size refrigerator, stove with 4 burners and an oven, a microwave, dishwasher, flatware, dishes, glasses, cups, coffee maker, tea kettle, toaster, pots & pans, dishtowels, potholders, kitchen utensils and knives.
  • Included are Wi-fi and a smart TV for streaming.

The following information will answer basic questions about living in Steinwachs Artist Residences. You will be given more information when you arrive in Sarasota. In the meantime, if you have questions or concerns, please email Diana Dizon at [email protected]

  1. No Smoking – There is no smoking allowed in any apartment, common area or on the apartment balconies. Anyone who smokes must do so outside, away from entrances to the building. Each apartment is equipped with smoke detectors. The batteries are not to be removed.
  2. Candles are not allowed.
  3. Parking – There is a designated parking area for residents in the gravel lot on Boulevard of the Arts across from the elevator lobby. All vehicles must display a Rosemary Square parking permit. Cars without a permit may be towed. You will be given a parking permit on arrival in Sarasota.
  4. Furniture – Furniture is not to be moved or rearranged. Beds must not be moved because moving them may break them. The moving of furniture will result in forfeiture of a portion or all of any housing deposits.
  5. Walls and other surfaces – Hang nothing on walls, windows, doors or other surfaces. No tape, 3M products, tacks or nails may be used. The cost of filling, patching, painting or otherwise repairing the surface will be deducted from the housing deposit.
  6. Walkways and lobbies – Walkways and lobbies are to remain free of personal belongings. The only exception is that bicycles may be stored in the east and west stairwell lobbies on the first floor. Nothing is to be hung from balcony railings.
  7. Trash Removal – A Trash Compactor for residents’ use is on the property in the parking lot. There is a key in each apartment kitchen and one attached to the compactor. To operate, turn the key, open the door when the compactor stops, put your garbage in the compactor, close the door. We encourage you to take garbage from your apartment to the compactor in sealed garbage bags at least twice each week. There is a blue dumpster behind the building on 5th Way for single stream recycling. You will receive more information about what may be recycled on your arrival.
  8. Cleaning - An electric broom, broom and dustpan, mop and bucket, and basic cleaning supplies are provided for each apartment, so you may maintain your apartment. Cleaning service is not provided.
  9. Housekeeping – Insects are a serious problem in Florida. Garbage, any open food containers or dirty dishes will attract insects. To avoid attracting insects:
    1. Keep food containers tightly sealed in the refrigerator and in cupboards.
    2. Store food products that will not be damaged by cold in the refrigerator (e.g. -fruits, flour, and sugar).
    3. Wash your dishes immediately after use. Rinse dishes before you put them in the dishwasher. Run the dishwasher frequently.
    4. Take your garbage to the dumpster frequently.
    5. Without your cooperation, extermination efforts are not effective.
  10. ​​​​​​Air Conditioning – Please, do not set thermostats lower than 72 degrees and keep doors shut when A/C is in use. If you have a problem with the temperature in your apartment, report it immediately to [email protected].
  11. No Pets – No pets of any kind are allowed in the Steinwachs Artist Residences.
  12. Laundry – A single unit, with limited capacity, that washes and dries clothes is in each apartment. The full cycle may take more than 4 hours. Drying cycles alone take approximately 2 hours. Loads must be small. Do not overfill the machines. There is no charge. Detergent is not provided. You must use liquid detergent. Instructions for use are posted near the washer/dryer.
  13. Keycards – You will be given a keycard to your apartment upon arrival in Sarasota. The keycard will open lobby doors and the door to your apartment.
  14. Lost Keycards – If you lose your keycard, report this immediately to the Company Manager so the card can be disabled. A replacement card will be issued the next business day. There will be a charge of $15 for replacing a keycard. After hours, if you are unable to reach one of your apartment mates to use his or her keycard to access the apartment, contact Diana Dizon at (941)735-4464. 
  15. Bicycles - In the first-floor stairwells, there is ample storage for bicycles. Only people with keycards have access to these areas but we recommend you lock your bike.
  16. Noise – Early in the morning and late at night, be courteous and quiet as you pass other apartments, especially coming off the elevator. Be aware there are other tenants in the complex and work/sleep schedules may be very different from your own. If you use your phone outdoors, please move away from the building so you do not disturb other residents. Voices carry quite clearly from the walkways.
  17. Music – Please be respectful of suite mates and neighbors when listening to music. YOU MUST USE EARBUDS OR HEADPHONES.
  18. Wi-Fi is provided.
  19. There is no mail service at Steinwachs Artists Residences. Mail & Packages should be sent to you at: Your Name, C/O Sarasota Opera, 61 N. Pineapple Ave., Sarasota, FL 34236. There are company mail bins on the first floor of the Pavilion Building next to the Opera House.
  20. Phone Service is not provided.
  21. Bed Linens are provided and will be laundered every other week. You may choose to bring your own bed linen but will be responsible for laundering it. The cotton blanket that serves as a bedspread is very light and we suggest you bring a blanket if you are usually cold at night. Beds are queen-size.
  22. Bath Towels are provided and will be laundered every other week.
  23. Plumbing problems should be reported immediately. You will be given Facility Emergency numbers on arrival at Steinwachs.
  24. Toilet paper is provided. When you exchange your sheets and towels for clean linens, you may pick up as much toilet paper as you need.
  25. Apartment Problems, Questions, Concerns – If it is an urgent matter or a situation that will cause damage to the building or furnishings, contact Diana Dizon at (941)735-4464. If it is a matter that does not require immediate attention, email [email protected].