Production Name:
Die Fledermaus

Production Information: 
Costume Designer: Edward Kotanen
Period: Late 19th Century

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Built By: Malabar Ltd.

Principal Women:
Rosalinda - 2 (plus cape)
Adele - 2
Prince Orlafsky - 1
Ida - 1

Principal Men: 
Eisenstein - 1 (plus dressing gown and judges robe)
Alfred - 1
Dr. Falke - 2
Dr. Blind - 1
Frank - 2
Yvan 1
Frosch 1

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Chorus Women:
Female Chorus (Chinese, Russian, Indian, Middle Eastern) - 20

Chorus Men:
Male Chorus( Chinese, Russian, Indian, Middle Eastern) - 20

Servants 6

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Production History:
Toronto Operetta Theatre
Calgary Opera
Virginia Opera
Toronto Opera
San Diego Opera

Additional Notes:
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