Production Name:
The Gambler

Production Information: 
Costume Designer: Georgi Alexi-Meskishvili
Period: Central Europe, 1870s

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Built By: Malabar

Principal Women:
The Baroness
Grandma (Babulenka)

Principal Men:
The General
The Marquis
Mr. Astley
The Baron
Prince Nilsky

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Chorus Women:
Venerable Lady 2
Garish Lady 1
Pale Lady 1
Lady Comme-ci 1
Suspicious Lady 2

Chorus Men:
Fat Englishman 1
Tall Englishman 1
Reckless Gambler 2
Sickly Gambler 1
Hunchback Gambler 1
Unlucky Gambler 2
Old Gambler 1
Casino Director 1
Croupiers 4

Supers (Women):
Maid 1
Garden Ladies 5

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Production History:
Metropolitan Opera

Additional Notes:
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