Production Name:
Maria Padilla

Production Information: 
Costume Designer: Howard Tsvi Kaplan
Period: 1600s Castille

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Year Built: 2011
Built By: Malabar

Principal Women:
Donna Maria Padilla
Donna Ines Padilla
Bianca di Francia

Principal Men:
Don Pedro
Don Ruiz di Padilla
Don Ramiro
Don Luigi
Don Alfonso di Pardo

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Chorus Women:
Towns People 10
Spanish Court Ladies 10

Chorus Men:
Towns People 10
Spanish Court 10
Hunters 3
Royal Guards 4
Spanish Soldiers 6

Supers (Women):
Maria Double 1
Queen Mother 1
Court Lady 2
Friend of Inez 2
French Court Lady 1

Supers (Men):
Inquisitor 1
Bishop 1
French Soldiers 6
French Courtiers 3
Magistrate 2

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Production History:
Opera Boston


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