Sarasota Opera Measurement
Form Instructions

We need to receive a measurement form from every company member. Please read the following REQUIRED and detailed measurement form instructions to help you fill out your measurement form. We recommend that someone else help you in taking measurements. Ideally it should be someone who works in a costume shop. However, a local or tuxedo rental house will be qualified as well.

Please choose the correct measurement form to fill out and return to [email protected]. Measurement sheets from other companies are not applicable. If you are returning to the company, use the form labeled "Update. If you are new to the company, or have substantial measurement changes from the last time you were with us, use the document labeled "Complete."

PLEASE NOTE: This season we would like for you to bring your own socks, skirts, and jackets for rehearsals. We will not be providing laundry services for rehearsals. Male artists: We ask that you grow out your hair and facial hair for this season.

If you have any questions or problems, email [email protected].

  • Do not guess sizes
  • Use a measuring tape
  • Do not measure too tightly or add extra room for comfort, we will do this.
  • If you plan on losing or gaining weight, please measure as you are now and update us as necessary.
  • Have yourself measured over fitted clothing
  1. Commercial Sizes
  2. Chest or Bust – First measure around the largest area of your chest relaxed and then with a deep breath.
  3. Natural Waist – Measure around waist line. This is the area between the hip bone and ribcage where the body is pliable. Measure around the fullest part of your waist line. This measurement is usually different from your pants size.
  4. Hips – Measure around the hips at the fullest part. Remember to take out wallet and keys.
  5. Women Only – Bust – Measure from center of nipple to center of nipple.
  6. Women Only – Shoulder to Bust – Measure from the side of the neck to the center of the nipple. Do this with a bra on.
  7. Shoulder to Waist – Measure from the side of the neck straight down to the waist. Women go over the center of the nipple and down.
  8. Ribcage – Men – Measure around the body half way between chest and waist. 
  9. Women – Measure around body under bust.
  10. Women Only – Under Bust – Measure from under bust straight down to waist line.
  11. Width of Chest Front/Back – Measure across the front or back of chest from the point where arms join the body. Measurements do not add together, should be separate entries.
  12. Shoulders / BOTH – Measure across the top back of shoulders to the ends of the shoulder bone.
  13. Shoulder / ONE – Measure form the side of the neck to the end of the shoulder bone.
  14. Neck to Waist / Front – Measure from the collar bone to the waist.
  15. Neck to Waist / Back - Measure form the last large vertebra to the waist.
  16. Arms Length / Outside – Measure from the shoulder bone to the wrist over a slightly bent arm.
  17. Arms Length / Elbow – Measure from the shoulder bone to mid- elbow.
  18. Arms Length / Inside – Measure from the point where the arm joins the wrist – DO NOT bend arm.
  19. Bicep – Measure around flexed muscle at largest point.
  20. Forearm – Measure around largest part BELOW elbow.
  21. Wrist – Measure around BELOW wrist bone.
  22. Arm Hole – Measure around the circumference of the joint between arm and torso.
  23. Underarm to Waist – Start directly in armpit and measure straight down to waist.
  24. Waist to Thigh – Measure on the side of the body, from waistline to below buttocks.
  25. Waist to Mid Knee – Measure on the side of the body, from waistline to mid knee.
  26. Waist to Floor – Measure on the side of the body, from waistline to floor.
  27. Inseam to Floor – Measure from high in the crotch to the floor. Follow line of inseam on pants.
  28. Crotch – Measure from the center point of the waistline through the legs to the center back of the waistline.
  29. Girth – Measure from the shoulder through the legs back to the shoulder.
  30. Around Thigh
  31. Around Above Knee
  32. Around Below Knee
  33. Around Calf
  34. Around Ankle
  35. Neck Base – Measure around the neck where joins the body. This is where the base of the collar would be attached.
  36. Neck Mid –Measure around neck slightly below jaw line.
  37. Head – Measure the circumference around the forehead just above the eyebrows.

Complete: Men's Measurement Form

Complete: Women's Measurement Form

Update: Men's Measurement Form

Update: Women's Measurement Form