Production Name:

Production Information: 
Costume Designer: Charles Caine and John Lehmeyer
Period: Ancient China

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Built By: Malabar Ltd.

Principal Women:
Princess Turandot 2
Liù 1

Principal Men:
The Emperor Altoum 1
Timur 1
The Unknown Prince (Calaf) 1
Ping 2
Pang 2
Pong 2
A Mandarin 1
The Prince of Persia 1

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Chorus Women:
Popolo 30
Mandarins 8

Chorus Men: 
Popolo 30
Wisemen 10
Priest 8
Executioner Assistants 8
Mandarins 10

Boys Choir 18-24
Popolo 6

Super (men):
Palace Guards 12
The Executioner 1
Apparitions 2

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Production History:
Sarasota Opera
Daytona Opera
Knoxville Opera
Hawaii Opera Theatre
Des Moines Metro Opera
Calgary Opera


Additional Notes:
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