Steinwachs Unit Inventory

*Items found in your apartment that are not on the inventory are NOT your responsibility. (For example, if your apartment has a pizza cutter, it was a donation to the unit and will not be replaced if broken or missing).
*Please note any furniture or structural damage on this form. 
*Upon checkout, flatware and table settings must be the same pattern.


□ Flatware for 4/8/12 - (4 per bedroom)
Missing: __Tablespoon, __Teaspoon, __Knife, __Dinner fork, __Salad Fork (Patter: Onieda Flight)

□ Table settings for 4/8/12 - (4 per bedroom)
Missing: __Dinner plate, __Salad plate, __Bowl, __Coffee mug (Patter: Bianca: Thomson Pottery)

□ 12 glasses

□ 4 wine glasses

□ Slotted spoon, 2 spatulas, ladle, pasta server, 2 solid spoons

□ Measuring spoons, measuring cups

□ Glass measuring cup

□ Peeler, corkscrew, can opener, church key can opener

□ 2 frying pans, 2 sauce pans with lids, 1 large pot with lid, 1 colander

□ Set of 4 mixing bowls

□ Baking tray

□ Knife set

□ Electric kettle

□ Coffee pot

□ Toaster

□ Cutting board (not wood)

□ Dish drainer with tray

□ Trash can

□ Trash compactor key


□ Trash can

□ Toilet brush

□ Plunger

□ Soap dish

Missing entry keycard: $15.00

*Flatware and Table settings are pattern specific. Replacements must be of the same pattern
(Flatware Pattern: Oneida Flights; Table Settings Pattern: Bianca: Thomson Pottery).
*Damage to other items will be priced as necessary to restore or replace the damaged item.
*Extra Cleaning will be priced as necessary to restore or replace the area damaged.