Production Name:

Production Information: 
Costume Designer: Howard Tsvi Kaplan
Stage Director: Michael Unger
Period: Early 20th Century Denmark

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Year Built: 2012
Built By: Sarasota Opera Costume Shop

Principal Women:
Vanessa - 6 outfits
Old Baroness - 3 outfits
Erika - 6 outfits

Principal Men:
Anatol - 4 outfits
The Doctor - 2 outfits
Major Domo - 1 outfit
Footman - 1 outfit

Chorus Women:
6 Women in Gowns (more stock available)
2 Peasant Woman (more stock available) 

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Chorus Men:
3 Peasant Men (more stock available)
9 Men in Formal Wear (more stock available)

Super (Men):
Young Pastor - 1 outfit
2 Musicians (more stock available)
2 Butlers

Super (Women):
2 Maids

2 Girls (more stock available)

Renting company is responsible for shipping charges.
Costumes can be shipped UPS, FedEx, or van lines.

Production History:


Additional Notes:
This show does not come with shoes.
The costumes are to be returned clean.
Costs include: Rental Fee, Packing Charges, Designer's Royalty
Costs do not include: Cleaning Fees, Shipping Charges, Insurance Certificate