Important Information about Arriving,
Living and Working in Sarasota

Please read this information carefully. If you have questions about housing and transportation, that are not answered below, contact Diana Dizon, Company Manager, at [email protected]

 Transportation to Sarasota (flying)
After you return your Travel Questionnaire, you will receive your confirmation when the flight is booked. Sarasota Opera will provide ground transportation from the airport to your lodging, and you will receive an email with that information close to your arrival day. If your flight information changes, please email [email protected] immediately.

Transportation to Sarasota (driving)
Please email Diana with your estimated time of arrival. You must arrive by 6pm.

You all will be housed along with Directors, Designers, Principal Artists, and Technical Staff at Steinwachs Artist Residences, 1440 Boulevard of the Arts. Please review the ‘About Steinwachs Artist Residences’. This document will answer most of your questions about living at Steinwachs. Below is a quick summary:

Furnishings Include:

  • Queen-size beds;
  • Sheets, a cotton blanket, pillows, towels for each occupant;
  • A complete kitchen including full-size refrigerator, electric stove with 4 burners and an oven, a microwave, dishwasher, flatware, dishes, glasses, cups, coffee maker, tea kettle, toaster, pots & pans, dishtowels, potholders, kitchen utensils and knives.
  • Included are Wi-fi, basic cable and a smart TV for streaming.
  • Toilet paper is provided.

We recommend you bring an extra blanket if you are cold at night and any specialty cookware you use like bakeware or a juicer.
Please note: we do not provide cleaning service during artist stays. At Steinwachs, every two weeks, you will exchange your sheets and towels for clean sheets and towels.  Dates will be included in the information packet you receive on arrival.

Pay Checks
Will be distributed by the Company Manager. Refer to your contract for the payment schedule. Paychecks may be cashed at Centennial Bank, 126 S. Osprey, at the corner of Main and Osprey. Show your company discount card and drivers license or passport as ID. The bank will contact Sarasota Opera for verification before cashing your check.

If you would like to receive mail and packages to the Sarasota Opera House, please send to:
c/o Sarasota Opera
61 N Pineapple Ave.
Sarasota, FL  34236

Company Ticket Policy (See the Tab “Company Ticket Policy” for complete information).

We are happy to assist you in finding appropriate medical care should you need it. Please check with your insurance carrier to verify you have coverage in Florida and which doctors in the Sarasota area are in your network. Be sure you have a copy of your insurance card or can provide the member ID. Intercoastal Medical Group with our company to provide medical services quickly.