Principal Artist Portal

Welcome to the Sarasota Opera Association Artist Portal. Please read the information provided under your designation and direct questions to Diana Dizon, Company Manager [email protected]; (941) 366-8450 ext. 535.

Please follow this checklist:

  1. Complete the W9 located in the "Downloadable PDFs" dropdown, please email the completed form to [email protected]. This is only needed if you are new to Sarasota Opera or your information has changed since the last time you worked with us.
  2. Complete the correct measurement form and email the form to [email protected]. Instructions are below.
  3. Please send an updated bio and headshot to [email protected]. If you do not send an updated bio and headshot, we will use the most recent on file. Please make sure your headshot is 300 DPI.
  4. Fill out the Company Information Questionnaire form below.
  5. Carefully review the Health and Safety Protocols in response to the 2019 Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic document in the "Downloadable PDFs". 
  6. Read the “Important Information about Arrival, Living and Working in Sarasota”.
  7. Read the "Artist Residences Basic Information" for information about your stay in Steinwachs Residencies. 
W9 Form

Please download and fill out the W9 FORM if you are new to the company or any of your information has changed.

Measurement Forms

All artists are required to submit a costume measurement form. Please click here for the REQUIRED and detailed measurement form instructions to help you fill out your measurement form. We recommend that someone else help you in taking measurements. Ideally it should be someone who works in a costume shop. However, a local or tuxedo rental house will be qualified as well.

Please choose the correct measurement form to fill out and return to [email protected]. Measurement sheets from other companies are not applicable. If you are returning to the company, use the form labeled "Update". If you are new to the company, or have substantial measurement changes from the last time you were with us, use the document labeled "Complete."

PLEASE NOTE: This season we would like for you to bring your own socks, skirts, and jackets for rehearsals. We will not be providing laundry services for rehearsals. Male artists: We ask that you grow out your hair and facial hair for this season.

If you have any questions or problems, email [email protected].

Measurement Instruction Form

Complete: Men's Measurement Form

Complete: Women's Measurement Form

Update: Men's Measurement Form

Update: Women's Measurement Form

Company Information Questionnaire

Please download and fill out the Company Information Questionnaire and submit to [email protected].

Arriving, Living and Working

Click here to learn more about 'Arriving, Living and Working in Sarasota'. 

You can also download this file under 'Downloadable PDFs'. 

About Sarasota

Click here to learn more about what Sarasota has to offer!

You can also download this file under 'Downloadable PDFs'.

Artist Residences Basic Information

Steinwachs Artists Residences are part of a commercial complex located in the Rosemary District of downtown Sarasota. We are pleased to house artists in these fully-furnished and comfortable appointed apartments. For more information click here.

Upon move-in you will be asked to fill out an inventory of the apartment. This will be used for reference on your move-out day and can guarantee that your security deposit is returned for any previous damage. Click here to view the inventory list and click here for the pricing guidelines.

The inventory and pricing guidelines can also be downloaded under 'Downloadable PDFs'.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Diana Dizon at [email protected]

Ticket Policy

Company Ticket Policy TBA